The Subbody courses are for all—LGBTQAPoC, the differently abled (physically or mentally), and any caste (India). No prior training in any specific discipline needed. Ages 18 and above.


Long term course (2 semesters, 28 weeks)

3100 USD

Tuition fee excludes accommodation, meals, and travel costs.

Students enrolling for one year course can study free of charge during in-between periods, meaning June-September or December-March.

In case of Full Advance Payment we offer a reduced price of 2800 USD.

1 Semester & Short Term Course

  • 1 semester (14 weeks): 1600 USD
  • 1 month (4 weeks): 450 USD
  • 1 week: 115 USD
  • 1 day: 24 USD

Note: summer and winter semesters are half the time/half the cost of these prices.

Please note that your application will only be completed when you transfer half of the tuition fee to the school’s bank account. In case of wishing to start on March 2019 for the Semester(s) course, please complete payment before 20th Dec 2018! There is no refund once you have paid but you can change the starting date and the name of the person.


2 semester enrollment

Foreign nationals get 20% discount when enrolling 2 semesters.

Indian nationals get 40% discount when enrolling 2 semesters.

Promotion only valid when pre-paying half of the amount before the semester begins.


Transfer to the BANK
MUFG Bank, Ltd Kobe Branch
Akashi-machi 48
Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, JAPAN
Pin: 650-0032
Tel: +81-78-391-8141

Address of the Receiving person is
Ryuji Oka c/o Kenji Oka
3-1-25-201, Asahi-dori
Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, JAPAN
Pin: 650-0032
Tel: +81-78-221-1207

After completing the first half of the payment, you will have to pay the remaining half on the first week of the course. You can pay in USD, EUR or Indian Rupees (actual currency rate applies).

After enrolling in a course, we do not issue a refund. In case of cancellation by any reason, fee will not be returned, but you are given credit and can change the start time or the name of the person.

accommodation & food

Guest houses with kitchen cost around 100-200 USD per month depending on how many amenities are desired.

There are plenty of guest houses available in the neighborhood.

Our recommendation: Eco Cottage (Dinesh, +918628914944). They have a total of 16 rooms (60 square meter, kitchen with refrigerator, shower, internet) at the price of 10,000 – 14,000 rupees

Near the guest house (and the Subbody Center), you can enjoy the Sauna at the Mud House run by Pamela (former Subbody facilitator). Subbody students get a 25% discount, so they pay 300 Rs per session.

Upon arrival we are happy to assist you with information. You can also check Airbnb.

(We do have two guest rooms at the school for short stays for 300-400 RS/night, but availability is limited. Ask for availability.)

A standard meal at a restaurant ranges anywhere from 1 to 3 USD. No tip needed. Of course, you can cut your price drastically if you cook your own food.

For a low price, we offer lunch during the semester at the school from seasonal vegetables and fruits, prepared by our Indian family who lives together with us at the school.


short term or long term course