Landscape photograph (first picture) by Özerk Sonat Pamir
Two dance floors
The facility has two wooden dance spaces, one on the first floor, and one on the third floor. The first floor (Subbody Hall) is a round dance floor with a 360° black curtain. The third floor studio (Resonance Studio) is a larger space, and can also be used for art exhibitions. Both floors can be utilized for extracurricular activities such as local or outside community creative workshops, open mic, Butoh/dance jams, etc.



There is am amphitheater that overlooks the Himalayan mountains. This converts the space right beside the school as another common performance space.

Creative architecture & landscape
The Subbody Center was constructed specifically for invoking creativity. Both the architecture and landscape are completely unique. Students are encouraged to practice and/or perform in any space within the complex.

Outdoors hot tub

For Subbody students, the facility has access to a hot tub that overlooks the mountains.