Rhizome Meets Rhizome | April 10, 2019

Today all dancers separated into 4 groups. And each group shared one person’s cobody Qualia. Then 2 groups met each other. We experimented what’s subtle Life resonance will happen among both Rhizome. We reduced all gross movements and emotional expressions and focused to listen to super subtle Qualia of Life Resonance.

Though this was the first experiment of subbody butoh history, diverse and novel resonance patterns came out. Through those experiences, all co-researchers got what is the Resonant Rhizome method which we co-created by only Life Resonance without any choreographer or director.

We will deepen and develop it throughout the whole year. We will be able to reach a novel place where nobody experienced.

Resonance between Qualia share cobody and Behind world cobody | April 04, 2019

On the 3rd day of April course, we co-created the Resonance between ”Qualia share cobody” and ”Behind world cobody” with long and short term students together.

Qualia share cobody
Each student creates the Jo-Ha-Kyu of own Qualia and shares with five dancer’s group.
We divided the total of 20 students into 4 groups (A. B. C. D) and A1 person shared one’s Qualia of Jo-Ha-Kyu with other of A group and danced at the front space.

Behind world cobody

Other group danced behind of the front group with sharing the existing cobody Qualia in the list of subbody Butoh.
-Behind world
-Behind spirit
-shaking spirit
-Vaporized spirit
-Eyes spirit
-Faces spirit
-Hidden spirit
-Smokey Air
-Behind window
-Wall cobody
-Underground spirit
-Fish cobody
-Spy cobody
-Chimera cobody
After sharing this cobody, the other groups used all of them flexible.

Various Resonance and behind cobodies resonated with various interaction pattern as the following.

-Just existing together
-Subtle influence
-Strong influence
-Mutual action
-Resonating through
-Becoming one

No duplication

We keep the principle of ” No duplication” for the novel create.
It was found by Zeami who was a master of Noh dance 600 years ago in Japan.
By inhibiting the duplication we are forced to invent novel create.
We inhibited the same resonance pattern of both group and Jo-Ha-Kyu development especially the ending pattern.
Then we could invent so divers resonance patterns at one day.


We tried to be transparent that we listen to inside half and outside half during dancing.
We dance a half to co-create the cobody and the other half we research the inner secret and mystery.
Then all process become the full creation as Life there is no space to pretend like as the theater play.
”No duplication” and ” Transparency” lead us to open infinite, creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.

Transparent Multi-resonance body

Life is resonating with so many Qualia at the same time thought our daily consciousness can notice only one channel Qualia at once.
When we become the subbody=cobody mode, we can dance diverse Qualia Behind world.
This day’s practice was to train to be the ”Transparent Multi-Resonance body”.
Thus co-resonance could experience those multiple resonance patterns at one day.
We will develop and deepen the variations of them for more two months. It will be the basis of each creation at the
18th Himalaya Butoh Festival in June.
It is fun what rich variations will come out.

The Secret of Language of Hijikata Butoh-fu | April 02, 2019

The secret of Language of Hijikata Butoh-fu
How Hijikata could invent his unique terminology of Butoh-fu? It was multiplied and integrated the following elements.
1. Red God—being moved by something unknown
2. A Girl in the rain—Reasons to dance, Necessity of Life, Inevitability to survive
3. Qualia which Life cannot resonate well, the Kan (Disable) Qualia
4. Forgotten short-term memories that have never been repeated
5. Those become entwined in a specific part of the body and become a unique dance
6. Detail, part, of the body differentiation by resonance with own ‘Behind world’ (the can factory, memory place, proto dream, illusion, archetype, prototype) and connect freely separate flexible.
7. Become Chimera, multi-dimension body resonance.
8. Flower of Kan, Secret, and Mystery are entangled and complicated
9. Invent unique words that are rarely used in daily life
・The rock cicada’s eye, a dancer Hoopee, a sick dancing princess, etc
10. Create unique maps where those Qualia are entangled, complicated, involving, expand, condensed and crystallized
11. The person who listens to it (including myself) is prompted to dig into the darkness of the body to explore the Qualia that resonate with the secret and mystery