Rhizome Lee coined the term subbody, which means the subconscious body.  The subconscious and the body are not separate, but together. The method involves various techniques of entering into this subbody by quieting the daily conscious mind via forms of unlearning and body practices.

This subbody space is the means of infinite creativity, originality, and resonance with life. The method is an inner guide that creates creators, not imitators. How are systems of body practices, dance, theater, performance art, etc. created? By taking on the role of a creator.

This method is also integrated into Tatsumi Hijikata’s original Butoh method via Hijikata’s Butoh-fu (Butoh notation) along with the work of Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizomic philosophy, which is of embracing multidimensional non-hierarchical systems of endless creation.

Non-hierarchical Guiding

The method of guiding is much different than other traditional forms, but is a non-hierarchical system. All participants are considered guides to a certain extent. Though much information/instruction does come from the mouths of Rhizome Lee or the other facilitators, the point is for the participants to personalize or own whatever is being passed along and eventually to co-create material with others.

Behind the mirror ebook

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