My understanding of research is always rooted in breath awareness. Following the breath process, gently, leads us to our current necessity: What is the condition of my body, emotions and memory today? Which parts of body/mind are out of my awareness or have some uncomfortable feeling? Which parts are in need of more attention and careful listening? Once we establish ourselves in this kind of body/mind mapping then we start exploring the movements and sounds that will be functional in re-establishing connection with these parts. This way we co-create a research environment where each individual can connect deeply with their own process and with their co-researchers’. From here we deepen our experience through free improvisations and resonant rhizoming.

Check my presentation of a solo performance photography project called ‘ A season for Oblivion’ during the 16th Subbody Butoh Festival. Here i explain the motives behind the creation process, how research transforms into creation and more.

A Season for Oblivion |Özerk Sonat Pamir16th International Butoh Festival HImalaya気づきの外側の季節 オゼーク第16回国際舞踏祭ヒマラヤ

Posted by Rhizome Lee on Monday, July 2, 2018